Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Things I've seen Dutch People Do on Bikes

Oh, hey, I'm in the Netherlands now. I'm studying in Leiden for one semester, and to start off blogging this experience right (here's hoping I do actually maintain a blog, as opposed to my time in Thailand), I begin with my observations on that most Dutch of activities- riding a bike.

-Hold onto another bike and roll it along
-Walk a dog
-Carry lumber
-Talk on the phone
-Drink a beer
-Dress up nicely and go out for the night. In a group
-Carry another person on back
-Air drum
-Knit a bike cozy (this wasn't done while biking. but still. a knitted bike cozy)
-Hold on to the handle bar of a moped and get carried along
-Carry a surfboard (I saw this not once but twice. twice)