Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Let the wild rumpus start

As I write this, I'm listening to the sound of waves right below, tropical brids greeting the rising sun, and construction workers building yet another beach-side escape. I'm sitting out on my balcony quite comfortably in shorts and a tank-top, and my hair reminds me a bit of Weird Al. Which can only mean one thing.

I'm finally in Thailand.

We've been in the country for approximately 30 hours now, although it feels like much much longer. In the best possible way.

Considering how sleepy I feel, as I just woke up after sleeping for 12 hours, my first real nights sleep in quite literaly almost a week (and the soothing sound of waves lapping the nearby shore is not helping me stay awake) I will keep this brief.

Real writing will have to go by the wayside given my current lack of coherent thought and the completely overwhelming amount of emoition and new expereince I've had in the past day. Rather, I'll just do my best to write down all that I can remember of the most interesting and my favorite memories thus far, and hope they will someday work themselves into something worth reading or writing.

The time I spent waiting in the airport in St Louis and on the plane to O'Hare was quite possibly the most excited I've ever been. On the flight from St Louis, I happened to sit next to a guy that had traveled abroad through Asia, including Thailand, while he was a student. Meeting yet another person who only had good things to say about the country and told me I would have a wonderful time kicked my excitement and apprehension up a notch or two.

The flight from Chicago to Tokyo was, quite honestly, rather dreadful. Over 13 hours on a plane, wedged in between two strangers, and hardly sleeping is really all I remember. I was a bit excited as the route we took went up through Wisconsin (barely missing going over Fort, as far as I could tell from the map), going through Canada and over the top of Alaska, and then down over a bit of Russia and then the ocean before finally reaching Japan. As I was able to see almost none of this having someone between me and the window, and the wing of the plane directly below our window, it became quickly less exciting.

We finally did arrive in Tokyo, and it was incredibly exciting to be kind-of-but-not-really in Japan. The novelties of Japanese writing everywhere and not having to take your shoes off to go through security were pretty sweet. Also, the Japanese sure know how to make a toilet.

Im off to go shower and greet the new Thai day, but I will finish this tale text time I get a chance.

watdi ka!