Monday, February 21, 2011

Revamps and Resurrections

This blog began over a year ago as I prepared to spend over four months living abroad in Thailand.

The lesson learned- when you are living next the the ocean in a tropical country, traveling throughout Southeast Asia and having every sort of adventure from riding elephants to zip-lining through the jungle, you don't want to be inside writing about it. You want to be outside doing it.

As I began the process of bringing this blog back to life, I feel a sense of regret for having not recorded the experience more thoroughly. But as I reflect on all I did and incredible life-changing experience I had, I know I would do it all again. Given the choice, I would spend those same hours walking down the beach in the sun over sitting inside writing about it.

Back in Missouri at the tail-end of winter, time indoors writing is far from a sacrifice. But then the question arises- could anything in my life now be a worth sharing as adventures in Thailand?

I am finishing sixth semester of college, and the thought of graduation and the Future is looming ever nearer. I intend to spend my first summer not at home, but remain here in St. Louis to pursue an internship for the season. I hope to study abroad once more in the fall, this time in the Netherlands. I finally return to my work study job this week, working as a reading tutor in high-need primary schools.

Somewhere in all of that, I imagine there will be a story or two. They may not be the tales of high-adventure and intrigue I may have told while in Thailand, but I look forward to sharing them just the same.

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